Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Many of you have heard me say that one of the true highpoints (or summits) of my time as President of the University of Rhode Island has been getting to know the university’s alumni.  Lynn and I had an unusual opportunity to meet more of our graduates when we hosted an event at our home in Bozeman, Montana. Alumni and members of their family came, in several cases, more than 100 miles (a couple more than 300 miles!) to join us.  Participants included Lee Mongeon (1952), Elizabeth Mongeon (1952), Alden Paterson (1958), Jessica Pugrud (1977), Dayl Taylor (1978), Jennifer Madgic (1998), Sandy Leclerc (2000) and members of the families, as well as guests.  We had a great time. Since many more alumni from the region sent their regrets along with their hopes that there would be another opportunity, Lynn and I will do this again.

Bruce Gouin (1974) of Arrowhead Dental Associates here in Rhode Island also attended.  Shortly afterward he, Frank DeQuatrro (1983), an orthodontist in RI, and I set off for a different kind of highpoint: the summit of Granite Peak, the highest point in Montana.  Here is a brief account of our four-day climb and return.

Here is a view of Granite Peak from the "high camp" on Froze to Death Plateau.

A closer view of Granite (again from Froze to Death Plateau). The route to the summit
initially follows the ridge on the left and then moves to the back of the peak.

Left to Right on the summit of Granite Peak: Frank, Bruce, and me.  Elevation about 12,800 ft.  

Coming down after the climb: Bruce, me, our guide, Phil, and Frank.
Mystic Lake (elev. ~ 7,000 ft) is below us.