Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Staff

Some of you who read my last post might have wondered about one subject that was not addressed – the staff. That is because I wanted to comment separately about the terrific staff of the University of Rhode Island. From the day Lynn and I arrived, we have been tremendously impressed by the individuals who give so much to URI, who contribute so much to the community here, and who work so hard for the benefit of the faculty, students, and programs of the university. Whether classified or professional, union or non-union, the URI staff are exceptionally dedicated to the university. Certainly I could not be successful without the outstanding support of the staff here – folks in dining services, administration, advancement, the Foundation, and facilities have been unfailingly helpful, effective, and genuinely fun to work with. I want to especially thank Michelle and Cathy; I cannot imagine a better team for the President’s Office. Lynn and I want to thank all the staff and we hope to see you at our open house tomorrow or next week.