Wednesday, November 24, 2010


During the last several days I had the opportunity to attend two events – which I anticipated to be useful – but which turned out to be, somewhat to my surprise, both productive and inspiring. These were the annual Providence Business News awards for business excellence and the annual meeting of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce.

Why inspiring? Because both events attracted a large group of Rhode Islanders who are working hard to build businesses, create jobs, serve the people of the state, and make our communities better. We, certainly I, sometimes forget, amidst all the bad news and disappointments, just how many bright, hard-working, and committed people we have here. These are people who see the opportunities among the challenges, and who are dedicated to doing all that they can to build a brighter future for our state and those who call it home. The University of Rhode Island is the “home” of thousands of faculty, staff, and students who are also dedicated to solving the problems we face and creating a better future. I am very thankful to be a part of the URI community and of the larger community of Rhode Island.

We should not forget those of our friends and neighbors who are facing very real and difficult challenges at this time. These folks need all that we can do to provide assistance now and to create a stronger economy, a more mutually supportive community, and a better society. Let’s keep our eye on those goals.

Best wishes for Thanksgiving.