Friday, September 13, 2013

Moving In

Actually, we didn’t. Lynn and I, along with Rhody and Lily (our son’s dog on temporary assignment to URI) live here. But about 6,000 students did move in over Labor Day weekend. Advanced students, staff, faculty, deans and administrators very much enjoyed welcoming the new students to the campus and assisting them in settling in. Thanks to all who helped make our annual “move-in” weekend such a tremendous success.
Move-in weekend is more than welcoming new students to the campus, however.  It is about welcoming new students to the University of Rhode Island community.  The URI community is an increasingly diverse one (for example, 22% of the entering class self-identified as individuals of color, and 49 states and 27 nations were represented). It is a community that is vibrant, engaged, and strives to be welcoming and supportive of all its members.  It is a community that spans the entire university, from Athletics to WRIU, and is characterized by the following statement regarding its “cornerstones”, see (

The University of Rhode Island is a principled community guided by values. As members of this community, we subscribe to the following principles, which form the foundation of our endeavors.
We pursue knowledge with honesty, integrity and courage.
We promote independent choice, intellectual curiosity, open-mindedness and free expression.
We respect the rights and dignity of each individual and group. We reject prejudice and intolerance, and we work to understand differences.
We accept personal responsibility for our actions and their consequences.
We actively cooperate to improve the University, the state of Rhode Island, and the global community beyond our borders.
We strive to be a community where the environment and property are treated respectfully.
We seek to create and maintain an environment conducive to personal health and wellness.
We work to develop skills that promote lifelong learning, leadership and service.

Welcome to the University of Rhode Island.