Saturday, May 3, 2014

Thank You to Class of 2014

It is that time of year again – our students are preparing for and taking final exams, or finishing their final papers or projects. Many are engaged in these activities for the last time as an undergraduate.  Our Class of 2014 will receive many, many congratulations from family, friends, faculty and staff, and from their fellow members of the Class.
I will add my congratulations as well, but I am really writing to say “Thank you”.  This spring, like all the springs in prior years, it was a real privilege for me to attend the Rainville Awards, the Diversity Awards, the student-athlete awards, and many other events that celebrated the contributions and achievements of our students. You are an amazing group, just like the classes that preceded you at the University of Rhode Island.  Thank you for the leadership you have provided to the campus, thank you for your service to the people and communities of Rhode Island, thank you for the new ideas you have shared, thank you for your achievements in research, scholarship and creative work, thank you for your contributions to the important discussions on arming, sustainability, and the new General Education curriculum, and thank you for just being who you are.
No graduating class is perfect because no individual is perfect. We’ve certainly had our collective ups and downs.  However, your talent, dedication, hard work, and numerous achievements inspire optimism for the future, regardless of the substantial challenges we will face together.  So thank you for that, too.
As we finalize our preparations for commencement, many of you already have your next job secured, others of you are going into some of the finest graduate programs in the world (including programs at URI), and some of you are still thinking about, or looking for, what comes next.  My hope is that the University of Rhode Island has prepared you well for success, whatever your course might be.  Over the years ahead, all of us who remain at URI will be delighted if you remember your time here and remain an engaged member of our community. And I thank you in advance for that.
While I’m at it, belated “thank you’s” to the Classes of 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. What I wrote above is just as applicable to you. You make me proud to be a part of the University of Rhode Island.
Best wishes, and please stay in touch.