Sunday, November 2, 2014

Show Up

It is a truism that “the world is run by those who show up”. At the University of Rhode Island this is not a cliché or a platitude. Currently, shared governance is vibrant and strong at URI, but it can be even better, and we are working to achieve that outcome. The participation of our faculty, staff, and students in setting the priorities and defining the future of the university is critical. So is the input from our alumni and partners. I ask, and hope, that all members of our community will seek out ways, and take advantage of opportunities, to be engaged in setting our course. 
 “Showing up” is essential to democracy. Our votes do matter. It may well be that the decisions and direction of our state and nation would be different had voter turnout in recent primaries and general elections been other than they were. I think that America will be its best when all Americans who are eligible vote. The same is true for Rhode Island. These are unrealistic goals, but certainly we should aim to come as close to achieving them as we can. I believe that our state and our county will make its best choices and decisions when those choices and decisions closely reflect the collective judgment of all Rhode Islanders and all Americans – in all of our diversity. So let’s vote on Tuesday. 
A lot is at stake, in Rhode Island and nationally. A lot is at stake for the University of Rhode Island. An affirmative vote on Question 4, to build new facilities for the College of Engineering at URI, is especially important. The need for new facilities in engineering is critical. The opportunities that will be provided as a result of these new facilities will be truly remarkable – and will benefit the entire campus and every member of our community. Indeed, these facilities will benefit all Rhode Islanders because the invigorated and expanded research and educational activities that result will be a timely and continuing stimulus for economic growth and prosperity in our state. Together, we can create a better future by approving Question 4.