Saturday, January 31, 2015

Winter in Rhode Island

Rhody heading out to play

Although I grew up in California, I have spent nearly all of my working life in Massachusetts, Montana, and Rhode Island - locations that truly have four seasons. Winter in Montana can certainly be challenging, but it also can be a truly wonderful and beautiful season.  The skiing, in particular, is among the very best in the world. Nonetheless, Rhody appears to enjoy winter more than anyone I have ever met. More specifically, he enjoys snow - the more the better.  And as we all know, this past week brought quite a lot of it to Rhode Island and to our main campus in Kingston. Rhody was ecstatic. I'm not sure anyone else was, other perhaps than dogs who have grown up in winter climates, and many of our resident students who appeared to enjoy all the snow and a couple of unscheduled mid-winter vacation days.
I am always impressed by the great work of the staff at the University of Rhode Island to keep the campus running during blizzards and other major storms. On behalf of all of us who depend on them - thank you! Many of our staff in facilities and grounds, public safety, housing and residence life, student affairs, and dining services worked very long, very difficult hours, so that our campus was protected, students were fed, and to ensure that we could re-open as soon as possible.  Some folks worked 36 hours, or more, straight through the blizzard. You are simply indispensable to the success of URI and all the members of our community are grateful.
It is Saturday, and - good news for Rhody - there's more snow in the forecast. Thanks in advance for all the extra work that may be required next week. Rhody and I will see some of you on campus, even if we are officially "closed".
In addition, I would also like to thank the faculty and our academic support staff, who work diligently to ensure that our academic priorities and goals for the semester will be met, regardless of the disruptions from New England's weather.

Keep safe and stay warm!